Stream Kenzie Tarantino’s New Project “Red Daze”

Atlanta emcee (via Virginia) Kenzie Tarantino brings a proper mix of everything to the table. His Shaolin Temple affiliation sets the table and gives you a glimpse at what’s to come in his latest EP “Red Daze”.

From the beginnin,g you can feel the Wu-Tang influence on “Caricatures”. The beat comes in and will immediately remind the listener of older school production. Then Kenzie comes in with such a smooth cadence and flow, it’s hard not to be immersed into his world. Yes, “Red Daze” has a degree of underground influence but don’t box the Atlanta emcee in. His taste and skill set goes well beyond razor sharp lyrics with meaning (as if that isn’t enough). Kenzie is also able to bob and weave with a more accessible sound with tracks like “Armageddon” & “What It’s Gonna Be”. Tracks fit for your speakers and parties while still carrying a message and displaying lyrical acrobatics is what “Red Daze” embodies.


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