Stream Kamron Bahani’s New Project “MENACE” | @KamronBahani

The Brooklyn fire starter Kamron Bahani has remained a prolific artist. Dropping EPs, full-lengths, music videos Bahani has succeeded on multiple mediums in multiple ways. You can go all the way back to where this journey began with his debut EP Bahani can attack a beat leaving it and your speakers in shreds. Kamron Bahani prides himself on stretching his arms past hip-hop though, thus enters his latest effort “MENACE”.

“MENACE” is different. In previous projects Bahani proved time and time again that he can rip any beat to shreds. Kamron steps into a new lane with this project, in an interview with Dead End Hip Hop Bahani details the dark and secluded creative process he went through creating “MENACE”. What we get is catchier music set for the whip, the club, Bahani goes over hazy, trapped production bringing you into his world. From the romantically charged “I Made A Song For U” to the rapid fire OG Bahani we’ve grown to love in “Super”.

“MENACE” shows Kamron Bahani’s willingness to experiment with different genres, R&B, House, Electronic, and more. “MENACE” is the evolution, it’s what’s next, where will this lead the Brooklyn hero? Who knows.

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