Lil Yachty Shows No Growth With New Album “Teenage Emotions”

  Teenage Emotions – 5.6/10

  “We love Lil Yachty, but the red dreads and joyful personality will only keep us entertained for so long.”

  Lil Yachty’s cheerful personality and carefree messages have allowed him to flourish as a public figure. From the very beginning of his career, Lil Boat has stressed his clear message of positivity; encouraging his fans that a healthy dose of “weird” – is okay. As Teenage Emotions builds off Yachty’s well established persona, the lagging drum beat paired with Lil Boat’s auto-tuned happy-go-lucky flow is nothing outside of his joyful character, but is certainly nothing new, and may as well be a deluxe extension of “Summer Songs 2.”

    The album begins with a positive message as Yachty addresses his endless appreciation for the support of his fans on track one – “Like A Star.” This is the exact image that has set Yachty apart from other rappers in the industry and has allowed him to sky rocket straight to fame, his kind-hearted spirit compensating for his lack of depth. But the album progresses to confidently flaunt overdone beats and lyrics we’ve all heard before. The diverse, uniting album art and title lead eager fans to believe this would be Yachty’s first album to truly apply his personal depth to his music.

    But, Teenage Emotions is absent of a clear message and is merely a placeholder until his next quirky music video or over-the-top red carpet get-up. Point blank, Lil Yachty is relying far too heavily on his persona to keep his career afloat. Lil Boat certainly caught the attention of the media, but three albums later and there is still no sign of any improvement or growth in Yachty’s sound.

   This lack of progression in style is fairly similar to artists such as Yung Lean. Lean refuses to advance, holding tight to his trending internet presence. We love Lil Yachty but the red dreads and joyful personality will only keep us entertained for so long.

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