Jay Elly Drops His Dope New Album “Take No Elz”

The trap album and sound has been somewhat overplayed over the last five to ten years. Even independent artists are using it to gain a footing in the industry. However in the case of Jay Elly and his album “Take No Elz”, the production is the platform for Jay Elly to not only tell his story give the listener a call to action. The ten track LP is short, sweet and to the point. Jay Elly doesn’t overstay his welcome yet lays down a potent point guaranteed to stick with the listener during these dark times.

In “Take No Elz” the Kentucky hero mixes his story of triumph while making sure the audience understands not to let a loss break you. With only a few guest appearances on this album, Elly takes on the brunt of the vocal work on this. Tracks like “Invite Only” show how far Jay has come since the last project that even he describes as “ a major step back”. Now he’s making hit records hosting invite-only events. All of his accolades and successes are important but even Jay Elly stays humble in the closer “Never Forget It”. Elly reminds us not to take our losses for granted and at the same time tells us to work through our losses and achieve the victory meant for his. “Take No Elz” is ten tracks of loss, triumph, success and celebration, let Jay Elly take you on this journey.

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