Jay Electronica Comes Out Of The Shadows To Deliver New Song “Letter To Falon”

Inspired by Kevin Durant’s Game 2 finals performance, Jay Electronica decides to drop new song “Letter To Falon”

Jay Electronica delivers new single “Letter To Falon” to show appreciation for Kevin Durant’s incredible game 2 finals play.

Where the heck has Jay Electronica been? and when are we getting his long-awaited album? These are the questions most fans ask themselves whenever Electronica peaks from the shadows to deliver new music.

Luckily, the mysterious MC is a basketball fan. The release to Letter to Falon is in direct correlation to Kevin Durant’s awesome finals play.

The last time we heard from the lyrical MC was during his guest appearance on Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book. His vivid lyrics on How Great quickly reminded us of how skilled of a rapper he was.

Hopefully Letter To Falon creates momentum for the album we’ve been waiting for.

Listen to the new song here:

Quotable Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
I was born on Tatooine with dreams of sand
I kept going
The blind would undermine my plans
I kept growing
God blessed the child that has
I kept building
One can’t rewind the past
I push forward
The pain was too much to bear
I kept hurting
Nobody could feel me there
I kept quiet
The tears would begin to well
I just fought em’
They say you gotta pay your dues
I just bought em’
What they don’t know won’t hurt em’
I pledge to never be no one’s burden
Mama said never disrespect your neighbors
Cuz’ next week, we might have to check for favors
That’s science
I could never thank her for it
And 20/20 hindsight is so euphoric
Keep shining
Nobody could stop your progress
Because unknown forces move some known objects
That’s magic

Here is the series of tweets from Mr. Electronica gifting Kevin Durant:

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