Listen to Brooklyn Based Artist Indigo Svn’s New Single “Cristen’s Song”

Listen to Brooklyn Based Artist Indigo Svn’s New Single “Cristen’s Song”

Indigo Svn is a Brooklyn-based artist and producer. His newest track, “Cristen’s Song,” features singer/songwriter Simone Sandal.

The soulful beat alongside Indigo’s laid-back rapping inspires the listener to chill out and speculate on the trials and tribulations of a fading love affair. Introspective as always, Indigo turns his heartbreak into a smooth soliloquy about the yearning to move on when the way forward seems unclear.

Indigo is excited to go on tour this summer to showcase his upcoming EP, “Colors Through a Prism,” which promises to be a provocative musical illustration of Indigo’s natural curiosity towards life. He’ll be kicking off this thrilling new adventure in July at the Vogal Pop Festival in Holland. He will also be performing in August at the African Carnival in Vancouver.

Listen to Cristen’s Song below:

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