Feel-Good Friday: “Catch A Tiger” This Weekend with Brahmulus

Nothing puts you in the right mood to kick off your weekend like fresh new music, and Midwest-based funk/R&B collective Brahmulus delivers us just that with their latest single, “Catch A Tiger.” Complete with a funky bassline and a pep sure to help you shake off whatever bs the week brought you, “Catch A Tiger” is the Feel-Good Friday jam of the week. With roots in Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Blues; soulful, wide-range vocals; and a low-key but timeless and crucial beat pattern (one that is giving me serious “adult-beverages-at-a-beach-party” vibes), “Catch A Tiger” is definitely a fun summer jam. Check it out on Spotify, and learn about/listen to more from the genius sound-crafters that make up Brahmulus in my in-depth interview with Turrnt Vonnegut and Greg B. on Chicago’s very own noises&nonsense blog. Tell us what you love about this single in the comments! 🙂

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-Courtney Quigs


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